June 27, 2012

Kilts, Weddings and Whisky

It's been three months since I last posted any news items, mainly because of a flurry of wine and whisky tastings and other fun and important events. In the tasting arena, we've selected, poured and entertained at birthday celebrations, bachelor and bachelorette parties, a tasting for Bounder Magazine, some fundraisers, the Army Officers Mess tasting, and some "just because" tastings - in town and out.
A quick word to Single Malt Scotch lovers...............there are a few spots available for the next tasting at Divinos on Thursday August 9th. We'll have five fabulous Single Malts and  wonderful tasting plates to accompany each of them. This is a great venue and we promise you a relaxing, fun and informative evening. Call soon to reserve the last spots.

Perth World Record Kilt Run

So on to kilt tales, of which I have two................
Last Saturday, I panted my way around an 8km road race in beautiful Perth, Ontario, wearing my kilt and some not so scary blue stripes on my face, all in an attempt to swell the numbers for the World Record number of kilted runners. With apologies to my Scottish relatives for running that one and not the one in Perth, Scotland, the record was achieved and the race duly recorded in The Guinness Book of Records. 8km is nothing to all you regular runners out there, and is a yawn to my Iron man Triathlete buddy who talked me into this event, but I hadn't run a  road race for 11 years (oh, shame), so it felt like a big deal.
I didn't enter the Warrior class, which involved various obstacles and tests including drinking a  dram beforehand and carrying a  sword and shield. Perhaps next year. Well done, though, Perth, Ontario for seemingly bringing out the entire town to cheer, positioning pipers and other musicians at strategic points along the course and offering up other not to be missed events like the haggis toss.
Photos courtesy of Zoom photo.

Keith Scott Kilts

The other kilt story is about a wee shop in Dundee, Scotland, which has been delighting kilt wearers for over a hundred years with superlative customer service. Recently, we purchased a kilt outfit complete with all the usual paraphernalia for son, Calum, to wear at son Alastair's wedding. Measurements were sent, the package arrived in record time, shoes were effortlessly replaced when they were a little large, little hand written notes and courteous emails were dispatched with the goods and the whole adventure was a delight. 
(Yes, those are vines in the background). For some reason the leather brogues dyed the kilt socks a strange brown colour and when I emailed about this, although this problem had never been reported previously, a new pair of higher quality replacement brogues and a new pair of socks were dispatched immediately. Outstanding customer service! Contact Keith Scott Kilts for any and all Scottish apparel - no matter where you live. These folks are the best!
Photo by LeahandMark.com

Virginia Wines and wedding whiskies 

Alastair and Stephanie`s wedding was held at beautiful Keswick Vineyards in Virginia. The location is fabulous and, in my opinion, they produce the best wines in the State. We enjoyed a wonderful Syrah and a well made Chardonnay with dinner. As there were a number of Scots, kilted folks and whisky lovers in the crowd, a  few Single Malts were brought in, and these proved to be highly popular later in the evening, along with the equally popular cigars. I spent most of the evening chatting it up at the whisky bar, where random things like a group rendition of Tam O`Shanter transpired. 
To keep things simple and varied, I selected Glenfiddich 15 year old, a crowd-friendly Single Malt made all the more interesting because it`s matured in three different types of barrels, then married in a Solera vat which is always kept half full. Dalwhinnie 15 year old, from Scotland`s highest distillery was also on offer. This is another very fine whisky with nice balance and just a wee touch of smoke - quite different from the Glenfiddich of the same age. Last, and blending in nicely with cigar land around the corner, was the Laphroaig Quarter Cask - Laphroaig with toffee.
Whisky tasting bachelor parties have been popular GrapeScot events for a while. Next up, a wee whisky bar at the wedding?  Seemed to work well in Virginia.
Photo by LeahandMark.com